About Us

Bailiwick is an apparel brand that artfully merges the worlds of design, culture and purpose. We make clothing that we love, share our stories with the world, and give back to the great cities we inhabit.

The idea for Bailiwick was sprouted over ten years ago on a whim. We basically gave away a t-shirt design that made another company tens of thousands of dollars, while we got nothing. But we were inspired… we knew if we could do that for another company, we could certainly do it for ourselves.  So we decided to take a chance, went to work, and Bailiwick is the result. 

Inspired by the pride and positive energy generated by the District of Columbia, we aim to create clothing that reflects the nation’s capital.  Our shirts capture the culture of one of the world’s most international and vibrant cities with images and messages that ring true with the people who live, work, and play in the most influential city on the planet.

We’re designed and printed in DC and the DMV, and we’re dedicated to sharing the stories of the people, places, and things that make DC and the DMV so great!

Many people ask us: Is Bailiwick a real word? The answer is YES!

The word Bailiwick is an Old English word that’s derived from the combination of the Old English term bailiff, meaning a local officer with certain powers, and wic, meaning a village. So taken literally, it meant the area of jurisdiction for a bailiff, or a sheriff.

But today, it’s taken to mean a person’s area of authority, knowledge, or expertise.  So whatever it is that you are good at, that thing is your Bailiwick. Whether it’s dancing, computers, fashion, or sports, we encourage everyone to embrace their expertise.

We represent the Overlooked and the Underrepresented.
The Outcasts and The Iconoclasts.
The Late bloomers and the Underdogs.

And most of all, we’re Dedicated to DC.

- JC & Jeff