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Twitter:    FitdcMarita
Facebook: Fight2bfitDC
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Hometown: Originally from NY, grew up in Washington State
Years in DC/ DMV: 9 years

How did you get into boxing?
MG – Its something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a kid.  I didn’t
have any family who boxed or anything. The only boxing influence I had
was in my early teens when I did some light sparring with the
neighborhood kids outside my grandparents house in Brooklyn. That and
boxing video games were among my favorite! So after college, I stumbled
onto a boxing gym close to my home and started taking classes. The fun
and the challenge of it immediately got me hooked. No one in my family
really pushed me into boxing; in fact, most of them opposed me doing it!

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this personal training

MG – I would probably be halfway through medical school! However, even
as a physician I hope to incorporate fitness into my practice. I believe that
physicians should take a holistic approach to wellness, and incorporate
exercise, nutrition, and physical therapy programs for their patients.

What song best describes or inspires you?
MG – Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys. For me the song represents strength,
resilience and power.

Many people don’t know this about me, but…
MG – I have a huge sweet tooth, especially for chocolate! My only defense
is to keep sweets out of my home. If I see it, I’ll eat it. I lack the discipline
required to keep sweets and junk in my home.

The Strivers’ Section Interview Series:
If I was the Mayor of Washington, DC, I would…
MG – . I would make sure that DC residents were more aware of some of
the great FREE resources that are at their fingertips. Did you know that
there are FREE programs through University of DC where DC residents
can learn job skills in high-demand areas like IT and Healthcare? They
even have classes in Construction and property management.

Favorite place to go/Thing to do in DC/DMV:
MG – I really like Malcolm X Park – it’s a great place to work out in, do a
boot camp, or just hang out and read a book. I also enjoy Sankofa Café.
Occasionally, I have gone there to study or have lunch. I highly
recommend the hybrid wrap and their Chai tea!

One place in DC that you haven’t yet been that’s on your hit list for

MG – You know, I haven’t met the Obamas yet, so this is my last year to
do it while they’re still in office! But aside from that, I would also like to go
to the Holocaust Museum this year.  I briefly visited it a few years ago, but
this time, I’d like to take the whole tour and spend much more time there.

What does 2016 and beyond hold for Marita Gumbs?
MG– Well it all starts and ends with the MCAT… I ‘m studying non-stop,
with the goal of taking the exam in June. It’s a 7 hour exam with a lot of
material so I have a lot of studying to do.   After that, I would like to do a lot
of traveling.I also am working on projects to tackle topics like body image and
stereotypes that may hold people back from working out or being as
healthy as possible. Additionally, I am looking for ways to get more people
interested and motivated to take control of their own health and live healthy
lifestyles. It is my belief that beginning with good health we have the
utmost capacity to build strong communities, be activists, continue our
education, support our youth and care for our elderly.

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