Dwayne Lawson Brown- The Crochet Kingpin

Learn more about Dwayne and some of the projects he is working on below:

Hometown: Washington, DC
Years in DC/ DMV? All my life

So I hear you did a little break dancing for KRS One… tell me about that?
DLB- Yeah man, breakdancing was a big part of my life for a while- And from 2004-05, I went on
tour with KRS-One as one of his breakdancers. It was an amazing experience. I met his crew here in DC and they were looking for B-Boys, and I stepped up and got the gig with him. It was a whirlwind…I got laid off one Wednesday afternoon, and by that Friday, I was on a train to LA to breakdance. And the conversations I had with KRS were incredible. He’s a super deep dude. He would talk about meta-physics and the relativity of space and time… my mind was blown every day.

 So how did you get into Crochet?
DLB – Well it all started with a lady (laughs) Yes, I had dated a young lady who cross-stitched, and I figured I better get a craft if this relationship is going to work. Unfortunately the romance didn’t last, but my interest in Crochet grew and I just continued to get better. Then I got to the point where I was starting to get noticed around the city and the sales were starting to come in as well!  And to add, my mom crochets as well – in fact, I remember her making me an ill blanket as a kid. So these days, Crochet is a cool thing we can do to hang out and spend some quality time together.
What song best describes/ inspires you?
DLB- I have two. The song that best describes me is ‘Wherabouts’ by Stevie Wonder. It’s a song about finding that special someone, but I can relate to it because it’s also a song about searching- and I feel like sometimes I’m on a journey of discovery and awareness; a quest to find out who I am completely. The song that inspires me is ‘Alright’ by Kendrick Lamar. I think its quickly becoming an anthem for the kids of this generation.

Many people don’t know this about me, but…
DLB-  I am really shy. Yes, I know I do a lot of very extroverted things like poetry, hosting events, and breakdancing, but deep down, I’m an introvert at heart. When I do events and I’m up in front of a crowd, I’m forcing myself out of my comfort zone. In a way, I’m an actor putting on an extroverted face for an audience.

If I were the Mayor of DC for a year, I would…
DLB- Do some new things to support small (and minority owned) businesses around the city. Everywhere you look, many small businesses are being forced further and further out of the city, sometimes in the name of big developers and fancy mixed-use projects. I think we just need a little more support for people that are interested in the arts to create dynamic spaces to express themselves in the city.

Favorite place to go in DC?
Aside from that, I also love going to Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park on Sunday afternoons and listening to the drum circle. Its very diverse and there’s something for everyone there –its just a real cool vibe.
Where’s one place in DC that you haven’t been to that you want to go?
DLB – Well I’m born and raised here in DC, so I feel like I’ve seen just about everything… but I haven’t yet been to the National Museum of the American Indian, so I do want to hit that up soon.
What does the future hold for Dwayne and the Crochet Kingpin?
DLB- I’m focusing more of my efforts on production and marketing for Crochet Kingpin. I also hope to collaborate with other local artists and designers- I think that just strengthens the bond of DC businesses. Then on the poetry track, I am also finishing up my book of poems, titled “One Color Kaleidoscope.” And furthermore, I’m going to also find some new way to promote other musicians and local artists under the Infinigrind Collective umbrella. So things are already crazy busy, but for me, it’s all about taking more ownership of my artistry and making the most of the life we have! 


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