Rabia Kamara – Owner and CEO, Ruby Scoops

You can order her treats online at Rubyscoops.com
Instagram: RubyScoopsic
Twitter: RubyScoops
Facebook: RubyScoops
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD Years in the DMV: All her life

How did you get into baking?
RK – I’ve been baking since I was 4 years old…On a real oven, not an easy-bake oven.
When I was 9, I told my parents that I would be the next Mrs. Fields. I grew up with
some good teachers in my Grandma and my Meeta (nanny) so they gave me the
foundation to be what I am today.

If you weren’t a chef, what else would you be doing?
RK – I’m fascinated by the packaging of foods, so if I wasn’t baking, I would still find
a way to be in the food industry, dealing with packaging or regulations or even
something else.

What song best describes you?
RK – Cutie Pie by One Way – why? Because I’m a cutie pie!

Many people don’t know this about me, but…
RK – You probably wouldn’t think this by looking at me, but I’m a huge
Southern rap fan! In fact, I probably listen to dirty south rap about 85% of the
time. As for my favorites, you can’t go wrong with Outkast, UGK, Big K.R.I.T.,
and Three 6 Mafia!

If I was the Mayor of Washington, DC, I would…
RK – Legalize it! (laughs) Well I guess that’s already been done. But honestly, I
would figure out the city’s homeless situation. We must do better for The District’s
homeless population. I think we should find a way to take some of the city’s
abandoned properties and turn them into housing for the needy.

Favorite place to go/Thing to do in DC/DMV:
RK – I love the National Arboretum and the Botanical Gardens. You can spend hours
upon hours in those beautiful places. And I get really excited by art, so any of the
Smithsonian Museums will do!
The Strivers’ Section Interview Series:

One place in DC that you haven’t yet been that’s on your hit list for 2016?
RK – The MLK memorial and Great Falls Park. Those are must do’s this year for me!

What does 2016 and beyond hold for Ruby Scoops?
RK – This year, I’m going to spend some time reviewing the business model. I also
plan to participate in more farmers markets and find new ways to increase brand
awareness and visibility. I’m going to continue to be bold and confident in taking
this company to the next level. And then in a few years, I’ll start looking for the right
place to open a brick and mortar location. It’s a lot of work, but owning your own
company and doing what you love is always worth it!

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