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Dwayne Lawson Brown- The Crochet Kingpin

Learn more about Dwayne and some of the projects he is working on below: Website: Twitter: @crochetkingpin Instagram: @CrochetKingpin Facebook: Crochet Kingpin Shop: Hometown: Washington, DC Years in DC/ DMV? All my life So I hear you did a little break dancing for KRS One… tell me about that? DLB- Yeah man, breakdancing was a big […]

Marita Gumbs – Fight to be Fit DC

Learn more about Marita and some of the projects she is working on below: Instagram: MaritaGumbs Twitter:    FitdcMarita Facebook: Fight2bfitDC Blog: FoodFitPolitics” Hometown: Originally from NY, grew up in Washington State Years in DC/ DMV: 9 years How did you get into boxing? MG – Its something I’ve always wanted to do since I […]

Billy Poggi – Photographer- WJ Awesome

Learn more about Billy and his media project- WJ Awesome: WJ Awesome Instagram: billy_wja Twitter: @billypoggi YouTube: Hometown: Stafford, VA Years in the DMV: All of his life until 2006, came back in 2013 How did you get into photography? BP – It really all started with a cheap point & shoot camera. I was just […]

Rabia Kamara – Owner and CEO, Ruby Scoops

You can order her treats online at Instagram: RubyScoopsic Twitter: RubyScoops Facebook: RubyScoops Hometown: Silver Spring, MD Years in the DMV: All her life How did you get into baking? RK – I’ve been baking since I was 4 years old…On a real oven, not an easy-bake oven. When I was 9, I told […]